Having Perfect Hip Function with Tempo Training

Core movement of upper body is generally maintained through tempo training. However, lower body parts may be ignored on the occasion. So, you can use this training process for legs also. For a fit body, training process can be started from the hip. It is very hard to find a perfect style for running or squat. Therefore, most of the athletes come across dysfunctional hips. Some amount of blame can be given to the chairs on the occasion too.

A person sits on the chair for about 13 hours in a day. Due to this issues are generally noticed with the necks and ankles. However, it wreaks havoc on the lower back and hips also. Both the flexors and hamstrings may be shortening as a result. Function of the hip may be jeopardized in the process completely. Several moving pieces are seen around the hip area. For a perfect squat, it becomes necessary for the body to work properly. Even if a single muscle in the hip is not working in a perfect manner then problems are noticed with the hip function. Lots of stresses fall on the bone at the time. As a result, snowball effect is developed. Problems may increase further if it is not treated properly on time.


Solution through the Tempo Training

To improve the hip function, exercises must not be done in a rushed manner. Further disaster may be seen in the process. It is important to take an approach that helps to deal with the chemical imbalances in proper manner. Both muscular stability and endurance can be developed in the process too. In case you are not familiar with the training techniques then a single exercise must be performed for longer amount of time. Repetition of the exercise must be done in more controlled manner.


Basically, three lifts are generally noticed with the lifts of tempo training. They are eccentric where a prolonged loading phase can be observed, isometric where the position is held in a static manner and concentric where the process is shortened completely.

By manipulating the lifts, effective results can be obtained. Based on the purpose of training, tempo of the exercises can be altered. For example, each phase can be continued for about 5 seconds.

 Know about malfunction through tempo training

Tempo training is a very useful form of exercise. It can be effective even if there is not any dysfunction in the muscles. Issues with the techniques may be understood in the process. Technique for the exercise must be good enough to stay injury free.

The process of training can be accomplished in an easy manner if the tasks are done in a repetitive manner. By slowing the tempo of the exercise, level of challenge can be increased further. In the beginning, you must utilize your bodyweight exclusively. As you start to feel comfortable with the exercise module, you can certainly increase the amount of weight. Limitation of the mobility can be understood in the process. Generally, three lifts squat, deadlifts and reverse lunges are done to get rid of the malfunction. For these lifts, it is better to give 20 seconds for each phase. However, 20 seconds rest must be taken in between phases also.